How to Alter or Change account

Change the account with in the easy stepsĀ  . We will guide you in this tutorial on how to change the Facebook password .


So before you are going for the know about how to change the facebook password , first you need to know about the . The Facebook is the top social media site which is being established by Mark Zuckerberg . Today on 2Dec 2015 Mark as giveaway is 99% of shares in the Facebook to Charity . That’s actually a hat s off moment to the Young Billionaire .

change facebook passwod

Change Facebook Password :

To change the account password there are different methods but the simple method is already being made to come into your note .

** Go to settings of your profile

  • There you will have a option to change the Password , so click and open the Profile password
  • There you need to enter the new password , and confirm the password
  • Then click on the save and the Facebook account password is being changed

By this your Facebook account password is being changed. The FB password is changed and its recommended to change FB account password in the simple way .

Restrictions to Password for Facebook :

So to change a Facebook account password , the password should be of minimum eight characters with small and capital alphabets, numbers and alpha-numeric . And never keep easy passwords like 123456789 , 9876543210 etc . Try to have a strong Facebook password to keep your account safe and good . And happy Facebooking for everyone ,.

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